Spysure Parent Version

what are your children doing online?

Spysure puts parents in control of computers in their homes. Monitor what your children are doing in detail and protect them from online threats.
  • See all websites visited and capture chat on MSN and Yahoo! Messenger
  • See exactly what was on their screen with our screen capture feature
  • and much more!

Spysure SME Version

what are your employee doing online?

Perfect for small businesses with a requirement to monitor three computers. Spysure protects your computer investment by ensuring that it is being used productively by all of your employees.
  • Contains all of the features of Spysure Home Version
  • Plus FTP and bandwidth monitoring and much more!

Spysure Corporate Version

what are your employee doing online?

Workplace computer networks are prone to computer misuse. Spysure allows you to view what your employees are doing on their workplace computers, and is an effective deterrent.
  • Monitor up to 100 computers. With dns setup monitor unlimited!
  • View captured information from a central location and much more!
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